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Many experience Women in Livingness via the Magazine or the online blog, and are naturally interested to know more… how can I make this work in my life? These popular workshops are hosted in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and London, offering women the opportunity to dive deeper, ask questions, engage the WIL community, connect and open themselves to a deeper understanding of who they truly are, and what it means to live this truth in daily life.


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Women around the world are experiencing the benefits of engaging this movement. It introduces the re-awakening for women of their innate wisdom, and the very practical steps of how it can be implemented and lived for any woman, living anywhere. There are no quick-fixes or surface-deep solutions; the women who represent Women in Livingness ‘walk the talk’ and share through their many mediums or personal professions the possibility of a different way. These honest stories shared throughout the editions of the WIL Magazine and via online bloggers, are the inspirational scripts shaping Women in Livingness TV… Real Women giving back to Real Women. Re-forming the way we relate, communicate and educate, WIL TV will present and challenge its viewers on all topics that are important to women.




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