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A woman is not a 24/7 mum – motherhood is a choice and not a given, she is not 24/7 career focused, and, she is not a morphed mix of the two. A woman does not value her family, her friends, her colleagues or anyone else above the value of herself – she carries equality in all aspects of life. A woman can be nurturing, caring, tender, warm and embracing, equally she can be firm, direct, steady and strong. A woman cannot be “boxed” to this stereotype or that stereotype – her expression is flexible, and not bound by any restrictive measures.


Women in Livingness is re-defining what it means to be a woman…all women, no matter their age, race or culture, carry within themselves all of the above beholding qualities and more.


The current rates of illness and disease, our lowered standards of health and well-being, the exhaustion, lack of worth and discontentment indicate we are indeed in need of a global change.


Through the arising of our true qualities from, our innate and true essence, the paradigm shift we are calling out for can occur.


In the past 60 years, our ideas of what it means to be a woman has been reformed time and time again – but have we really discovered our true shape yet? We’ve had the decades of the prim and proper, the care free and exploring, the rebelling, the fight for equal rights and pay, burning our bras, and as we arrive in 2016 where do we find ourselves?


Our achievements over the decades are not to be criticised, as without them we would be much worse-off, but at what expense to our bodies and quality of life have we achieved this success, and are there areas that we’ve missed? The rates of illness and disease for women on a global scale is increasing to stats and figures that make the likelihood of its occurrence all too common, creating a culture of ill-health acceptance and lowering the standards of what is considered being truly well. The more majorly defined areas of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, incidences of hysterectomy’s, polycystic ovaries, fertility issues and more are widespread... 


What about low self-esteem? Lack of confidence or lack of worth? These are just some of the typical, yet debilitating conditions accompanying women of the 21st century.In the age of easier travel, WiFi connection available just about everywhere you go, 3D television, smart-phones with an App for anything and everything – have we advanced in areas but left out some vital ingredients that are a part of the whole?


We need to redefine what is true and normal health and well-being; vitality, joy, having a spark for life, accepting imperfections and not criticising them, are not utopian states of being for women, but the everyday reality for the many women who have embraced The Livingness. The ‘Livingness’ simply describes a way of living life that allows women (and all) to be who they truly are, to live by an innate essence that is equal within all, free of pressures, ideals and beliefs, and despite the demands of modern society, it is a living connection that can be sustained day-to-day... 


The ‘Livingness’ simply describes a way of living life

that allows women (and all) to be who they truly are





A woman is not defined by ideals and pictures,

she does not carry beliefs of what she can or cannot do...


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